LifeNews: A HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED Pro-Life News Report Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dear LifeNews Readers,

Something horrible has happened

On Friday, a California jury decided that pro-life advocate David Daleiden and his pro-life colleagues should be forced to pay $870,000 to Planned Parenthood.


Because, according to Planned Parenthood’s twisted logic, Daleiden and the pro-life advocates who exposed Planned Parenthood for selling the parts of aborted babies should be held accountable for harming its reputation instead of Planned Parenthood being held accountable for harming unborn babies and selling their parts for profit.

And the jury thought these pro-life investigators should be force to pay Planned Parenthood for getting into its events and facilities to document its highest-ranking officials bragging about selling aborted baby parts to make enough money to buy Lamborghinis.

Planned Parenthood was smart. It may kill babies for a living but it understands how to judge-shop and jury-shop by finding a judge whose wife has ties to its abortion business and a jury in one of the most left-wing cities in America to render a crazy verdict.

Even though Planned Parenthood was caught lying on the stand

Even though Planned Parenthood appears to have broken the law.

Even though journalism is protected under the First Amendment.

But that’s what the pro-life movement is facing now. Gone are the days of “pro choice” and “right to choose.” Now the pro-abortion industry insists that you MUST allow abortions up to birth for ANY reason, you MUST fund it with your tax dollars, you CAN’T speak up against it and you CAN’T expose the abuses of America’s biggest abortion corporation.

If you do, you’ll pay.

LifeNews has been fighting this battle alongside David and these pro-life champion every step of the way. We led the way with coverage about every single video that exposed Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, we extensively covered the Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood, and we’ve exposed this ridiculous court battle and how Planned Parenthood admitted it sells aborted baby parts for profit.

We MUST fight back against Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion establishment. And LifeNews NEEDS your help to do this because the mainstream media refuses to cover this or, if it does, to cover it truthfully and accurately.

Courthouse News

Jury: Pro-Life Group Must Pay $2 Million in Damages to Planned Parenthood for Undercover Videos

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