The RESTRICT ACT (anti-TikTok law) is an Orwellian NIGHTMARE that would seize web domains and imprison Americans for 20 years if they contradict the regime in power

April 02, 2023 by: Mike Adams Any time the government promises to make you “safer,” beware of their intentions. The media-amplified hysteria over TikTok — a video social media platform built and run by communist China — has handed the power opportunists in Washington D.C. a cover story to try to control all online speech through the introduction of the S. 686 RESTRICT Act, sponsored by an anti-free speech zealot on the Left, Sen. Mark Warner. The bill, introduced on March 7th, 2023, uses TikTok’s popularity as an excuse to criminalize American-run websites, platforms and blogs that merely disagree with the government regime on literally any topic: Vaccines, Russia, elections, bank runs, currency, transgenderism, climate change and so on. The weaponization potential of the bill is unlimited, as it can be applied to anything merely deemed to be in the “national security interest” of the United States. The bill text explicitly states that the government may enforce, “any mitigation measure” against “any person” or “any property” by merely deciding that an article, video, podcast, platform or other content item contains content they don’t like. This is not a law that targets Chinese communists or TikTok… it’s a law targeting Americans and threatening them with prison time if they say anything the current regime in power doesn’t like. Under the proposed law, any content that the regime decides poses an undue risk to, “the safety of United States persons” can be removed by any means necessary, including domain seizures by the DHS or other forms of sabotage (i.e. “mitigation”) which might include the government fire bombing data centers or assassinating Americans. To annihilate all Christian content on the web, the Biden regime can simply declare that Bible scripture compromises the “safety” of the trans community and therefore must be removed by any means necessary. We could literally see the US government burning down churches to destroy web hosting data centers that are held there. (The US government has been running sabotage operations against food and energy infrastructure for at least the last two years, so this isn’t a stretch at all.)

All your assets can be seized without any due process whatsoever